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Professional Kansas City Wedding Cake Maker (Cakes by Tina KC, LLC)

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Hey Everyone! I'd like to give myself a brief introduction. My name is Tina Fikes, and as of the time of me writing this, I am a new wife and a new business owner. A lot had happened in the span of a couple of months. If the whirlwind of the days leading up to the wedding, followed by holidays, wasn't enough than me trying to organize my thoughts while starting a business swept me away. It's an exciting energy that keeps me occupied and motivated as I spend these first weeks connecting to fellow business owners in KC.

My humble beginnings start in 2013 working in a grocery store bakery, learning on the job, and now after working for small bakeries I'm working for myself. Some of my favorite orders in the past where ones that were totally unique and catered specifically to a person or event.

I work mostly with buttercream frosting, while making fondant for decorations and toppers as it's needed

It takes a lot of practice to get from this:

(yeesh one of the oldest cake pictures I have) to where I'm at with newer cakes:

Ultimately this is still only a fraction of what I've done, as I have several hundred photos of cakes, cupcakes, and cookies I've made in the past three years, and well over a thousand since the very beginning. Working in a grocery store meant making the same cakes on repeat so I only took pictures of those I thought deserving at the time.

I cant wait to see where I go from this new beginning.

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